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Promotion Support

Promotion of property on leading property portals:

We list properties available with us on various real estate portals. This is not one time job. We keep updating all the information from time to time including site photos/rates etc. Our response to a customer inquiry is very fast & we provide required information immediately to the prospective buyer. We have the expertise to get more benefits. We will promote your project on leading property portals like MagicBricks, 99Acres, etc.

E-mail Marketing

The strength of our databank is always with you. We create a responsive e-mailer of the project and send it to a filtered database to generate more leads. This will also help to reach your brand towards NRls located across the globe. We do filter email campaigns exactly matching the needs of customers on the basis of Location / Budget etc.

Social Media Marketing

We are pioneers of executing social media campaigns so that it generates more leads for the project. Our team is well-versed with the technologies, tools, and processes helping our clients to grab the attention of an audience interested in real estate domain.

Cold Calling

We have a team of trained tele-executives who will provide information of your project over the call using our own matching data. Our team knows how to convert those formal communications into actual site visits. We are here to save each penny of our clients and generate the best ROI through advertising.

Traditional Marketing

Our team has an equal hold on both digital marketing and traditional marketing. We use effective ways of traditional marketing like newspaper advertising, newspaper inserts, hoarding, way boards, radio, etc. to crate your impressive presence on the audience who still believe in traditional advertising resources.

On-field Marketing

We believe in three-fold marketing, digital, traditional and on-field and the same has been proved to generate more leads as well as revenue to our esteemed clients. We have great connections with the event or on-field marketing agencies that successfully execute various promotional campaigns at bus-stops, trains, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. 

Man Power Support:

Manpower at Exhibition Stall / Events

We provide the required manpower to handle your stall more effectively in various exhibitions. We organize many events with the sales team at various venues.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a cost-effective way to generate more leads. We provide manpower to distribute your leaflets in nearby areas. Our teams will handover leaflets to shopkeepers and residents directly. It will help to find prospective buyers.

Meeting at Customer’s Place

We always try to catch customers even at their convenient place for the presentation purpose as we believe one-to-one dialogue will help for effective conversion. Our experienced salesperson will solve their queries and try to get booking during a meeting.

Sales Support:

Inquiry Handling

We will promote the project through various methods of marketing. We are responsible to attend all inquiries received on phone, SMS, email, or social media accounts. We always take care that we will not miss a single customer. Our trained staff will provide proper information about your project.

Back Office Support

Our back-office team will do all required follow up to all enquires. We will invite customers for site visit and handle site visit coordination also. We have the potential to provide you all the required support from lead generation to buyer agreement.

Sales Team at Site

Our back-office team knows how to bring customers on-site. These on-site leads will be handed over to our sales team present at the site. Our well-trained sales team will give proper presentation and confidence to the buyer. They will understand the customer's point of view, expectations, and fund arrangements. They will also handle negotiations and booking procedures.

Site Visit Lead Generation

Our team has years of experience in the real estate domain and thus they will increase your site-visit confirmations with the help of regular follow-ups and impressive product presentation (here you won half of the battle). After site visit confirmation, we arrange a special cab for the customer to visit the site along with his family. Sales representative accompany with the client so he can guide and build a relationship on route till site.

Payment Solutions

We help you to create multiple payment solutions like full down payment, 12 months EMI, 24 months EMI, etc. keeping in mind your maximum profit margin.

Analysis & Sales Strategy for Pricing

We analyze a number of factors like visited customer's requirement, their profile, their expectations, etc. Based on your liquidity requirement and market condition, we advise you about the property pricing policy. "Our common motto should be - achieve 100% sales."

Management Support

The number of bookings for your property is the outcome of our step-by-step process. We have enough expertise and versatile experience in property sales. Our professional senior manager keeps track of every step and tries their level best to generate more bookings. As we are aware, our revenue only depends on bookings, we make sure that everything goes in the proper channel. Our solution providing attitude takes care of many issues at our end and we are trying to save your time & money which is most valuable.